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Head east on 272nd from Covington for a few minutes and you'll crest a hill to find yourself in the quiet suburban town of Maple Valley.

Home of rapid economic growth, award-winning schools, and suburban living at its finest.

Maple Valley is the perfect way to experience suburban life without compromising on essential amenities.

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A Town Built Around Transportation

In the late 1870's "Vine Maple Valley", now known as Maple Valley was born. Named via drawing names from a hat, it was originally both a coal and lumber town. Though, due to complaints from the local post office, the Vine portion was dropped as it made record keeping difficult.

With a railroad running through the city, timber and coal workers relocated to the area and continued to do so consistently through the 1940's.

Surprisingly as Seattle moved away from coal and timber production, Maple Valley and surrounding communities continued to grow. Local coal mines were in operation as recently as 1947 when the city began to transition to a new phase of growth.

Once the mines ceased operation the town transitioned in a resort area. Trade shops, hotels, and various markets lined the dense downtown area.

In contrast to many cities around it, Maple Valley grew with increasing density instead of the typical urban sprawl.

During the mid 60's, construction began on Highway 18 which required Maple Valley to be reconfigured. Although an adjustment, the highway access proved to be a great success with an easy connection to Snoqualmie Pass, Auburn, and Interstate 5.

For over 120 years, Maple Valley has been defined by transportation infrastructure. Initially, by the railroad and then later by highways, the draw to Maple Valley remains consistent. Families appreciate the quiet suburban living, quality schools, and ideal commuter location.

Away From it all. Without Being Away From it all.

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Maple Valley provides an ideal location for residents who clamor for suburban living while retaining the conveniences of city living. With the recent construction of a Fred Meyer as well as multiple new shopping centers, residents can find all of the essentials for life without leaving town.

The construction of Highway 18 is the major pipeline into this area.  When automobiles became a staple of the American family in the 60’s, these type of bedroom communities flourished. Highway 18 provides access to downtown Seattle, Bellevue, Tacoma, or Snoqualmie Pass in less than an hour.

Unprecedented Growth

Numbers do not lie. 

Maple Valley's population in 1990:

Maple Valley's population in 2000:

In a single decade, there was a population increase of 1,073.3%. The state increase was just over 13% for the decade. The following decade saw another increase of over 55%. 

This population explosion is attracting all types of businesses.  Construction, Retail, Real Estate, Schools, and more have seen exponential growth in the last two decades.

Combined with a household income in the top fifth in the country, the city is an attractive home for any business that has their audience in suburban households. Currently, Maple Valley looks to be continuing their upward trend with home values up 20% year-over-year.

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