We Are A Family Business

The Founding of Plemmons Industries

In 1965, a young Jim Plemmons was kicked out of his kitchen and tasked with finding an office for the newly founded Plemmons Industries. He set his sights on the Kent Area because of the central location and vast fields sandwiching the central drag.  But much to his dismay there were no places to lease!  The young real estate entrepreneur knew immediately that he could not be the only small business in need of a small space.  Thus, South Central Four Business Park was born. The founding Commercial Park was just the first of many real estate developments to come in the Greater Seattle Area.  Oddly, construction was not where Jim fell in love with real estate.

As a young graduate of WSU, his athletic career of swimming was not going to pay the bills.  He figured the quickest way to make a career would be learn something that was commission based, and a mortgage company was hiring. The mortgage company paid per account closed which appealed to Jim, a natural competitor.

Within one year, Jim was informed by his Director that his production was exceeding his own production and they recommended that he strike out on his own considering his success. This suggestion was the fire that he needed to realize that working for someone else would possible hinder his growth.  Becoming entrepreneurial was the only way.

Leveraging his vast knowledge of the financial side of real estate he concluded that the most profit was in building and leasing of single family homes. Consequently, Plemmons Industries was founded as a Residential Construction Firm.

Fast forward to the early 70's and growth of the firm had created a need for a small office space. Back in the 70's, the term, "small office space" wasn't exactly common in commercial real estate.

Plemmons Industrial Park

A landmark of Central Avenue with the monstrous basalt fountain.  The mixed-use Industrial Business Park is a long standing example of the variety of sizes that these business parks can accommodate.  It houses a variety of spaces from 175 sq/ft offices all the way to 10,000 sq/ft warehouses to support the rapidly industrializing Kent Valley.  So many local business got their first start at this location.

Plemmons Industrial Park continues to support  businesses from start-up entrepreneurs to more established companies in need of large warehouse space.

Office Building Front
Industrial warehouse

Plemmons, Kent, and The Future

Kent has always been home for Plemmons Industries. In the 80's Jim relocated the Plemmons offices.

Up the street.

Plemmons Industries to this day is based out of Central Park 10 located in downtown Kent. As several of the Plemmons children have taken on roles in different divisions their portfolio continues to grow.

The next generation of Plemmons are focused on building Mini-Storage facilities, Micro-Housing, and the continued management of all the Commercial Real Estate Parks. Plemmons Industries was founded on the entrepreneurial spirit of a man with drive and the dream, to do something that he loves everyday never feeling like he is at work. 

Today, the Commercial Division is operated by Jim's daughters Brie and Tarah.