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Why isn’t your business in Kent?

It’s the place for small businesses looking to grow in the greater Seattle market:

Many employees find themselves living outside of the city and commuting to their jobs. Why not be able to afford to have your business and your house in the same place. Kent is close to everything.

A business located here has access to both I-5 and Highway 167 in less than five minutes providing an ideal commute for their staff and customers alike.

Fantastic opportunities for businesses and their employees alike can be found in the valley and nearby cities!

Seriously Affordable:

Kent is very attractive to new and expanding businesses due to its affordability and availability.

Square footage is reasonable enough to give businesses the opportunity to grow.

Ready to find the perfect commercial real estate to grow your business?


Kent is located in a perfect centralized location for businesses to flourish.

Less than 30 minutes from Tacoma and Seattle makes doing business with both major cities a breeze.

Strategic proximity to shipping and trucking hubs is ideal for businesses of all industries.

Incredibly Diverse:

Residents from nearly every ethic and cultural background imaginable call Kent home. So much so it’s the most ethnically diverse city and school district in Washington!

Speaking of diversity ranking 21st in the entire country in variety of languages spoken ensures people of all cultures and backgrounds find opportunity for success.


Kent is the 2nd most Industrially varied city in Washington! Community dedication and small businesses continues to support this flourishing city.

Plemmons Industries has been here for over 50 years. Safe to say, we like the place. It’s our home.




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