Four Ways to Manage Expectations for a Productive Business

Expectations. We all have them, about everything. What happens when expectations do not match reality?

Disappointment. As a small owner, disappointment in team members leads to discontent. Discontent leads to departure.

Managing expectations is the only proactive way to ensure your team members are satisfied with their position.

Be open. Be honest.

Honesty is always the best policy.

First of all, write an honest job description that includes a realistic overview of the position and responsibilities.

Have a direct and honest interview process. This should always involve a Hiring Member that is symbolic of the brand. This is the time, before the expectations to see if this person is naturally on-brand. Inauthenticity on both sides of this process will lead to a troubled relationship from the beginning.

Know who you are hiring.

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You posted your position over three weeks ago. So far, you have yet to get a decent bite until today when you have what seems like a dream applicant shows up in your inbox. They are brought in for an interview, and they seem like the solution to everything needed in the position. In addition, they have years of experience in similar work and here they are, applying for your position when you required minimal experience.

Should you hire them? Likely, but you should also realize that an over-qualified individual applying for a position is generally looking for this role temporarily. Can you offer them realistic advancement?

You never want great talent to walk away from you.

Do not let things stew.

Difficult conversations make everyone sweat.

Know what can be worse? Coming to work and having something to say but not having the courage to face the conversation. As a result, you’re miserable for days, weeks, months, even years?

If a team member is dissatisfied with their position, responsibilities, hours, etc. they cannot be on brand. The focus is now on discontent.

Don’t wait for things to blow over as they may boil over instead.

Plus, happy employees are 12% more productive.

Make them feel valuable.

“Wealth consists not in having great possessions, but in having few wants.” -Epictetus

Team Members

Take care of your team members and in turn expect them to take care of you. Genuine care is priceless. To receive value from a team member they have to be shown that they are valuable. From earlier articles, more employees want time off than anything else.

A great example of this in our business is the concept of valuing all people’s time the same. Giving a team more flexibility with their time can be a value add to all team members.

Giving your team members a sense of value and flexibility in their time breeds loyalty. The type of loyalty you can rely on.

Team members with faith in their work, faith in their company, and faith in their leadership are team members who you want to keep around.

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