Keeping the Office Safe During Holidays  

‘Tis the season for decorations and cheer!

At Plemmons Industries, we are no exception, the front of our building makes quite the landmark on Central this time of year.

Embracing the holiday spirit as an office creates a warm environment when the temperatures approach freezing.

Office Christmas Tree

Much of keeping your office safe is practical advice.

Don’t let desire for holiday cheer or warm feet result in a fire. That’s a bit too warm.

Here are a few tips to make sure your office makes it to spring intact.

Smoke Alarm

Carbon Monoxide/Smoke Detectors

Check all detectors in the office to make sure they are fully functional with good batteries. These are the first line of defense for your office should a fire or gas leak occur.

Space Heater

Electric Heaters

Make sure heaters have a few feet of clearance and absolutely no flammable items such as fabric or coats are placed next to them.

Office Kitchen

Office Cooking

While it is rather unlikely to burn an office down with the break room microwave, we recommend practicing proper food safety to avoid any burns.

Don’t walk away from your food while cooking, make sure containers are not scalding hot before grabbing, etc.

Don’t spend your holidays applying burn ointment due to grabbing your lunch without a napkin.

Christmas Ornament


At Plemmons Industries, we absolutely love holiday decorations. The staircase leading up to our offices looks like we might’ve stolen it from the North Pole (we didn’t)

We’ve also taken precautions so those decorations don’t start a blaze that takes down our offices or injures one of our team members.

  • Keep decorations away from heat sources
  • Keep common walkways clear of wires, decorations, etc.
  • Don’t get too creative with electrical sources. No extension cable chains.
  • Keep any fragile decorations at a height no kids (or pets in our case) can get to them.

‘Tis the season!

Keep warm, stay safe, and from all of us here at Plemmons Industries: